Boat Financing and Credit Applications

Boat Financing and Credit Applications

This is an area where you can print off a credit application for either a new Supra, Moomba, and South Bay Pontoons new boats or a used boat that we have in stock. To do this correctly you can only use Epic Finance  for new and used boats that we have to offer. For a Sea-Doo  loan you must use Sheffield Financial Credit Application. Sheffield only provides loans for new and used Sea-Doo water crafts that we have to offer as well as our new line up of Spartan Mowers!

To complete the Epic Finance application click on the appropriate link. This will take you to a secured website where you can complete the application online. 

To complete the Sheffield Financial application, click on the appropriate link. Once you have been redirected to the secure site, you must pick “BRP” under Manufacture and “Sea-Doo PWC” under product type.

Spartan Mowers are the same as the Sea-Doo process as listed above. All paperwork can be faxed to us at  (606) 387-7823. If you have any questions, give Denney Marine a call at (606) 387-6747. To speak to one of our sales team members, please contact Chad Watson. Chad can be reached by phone at (606) 688-2242 or by email at

Epic Finance Credit Application

Sheffield Financial Credit Application